How It Works

Start With a Quote

We have a simple quote form to get started. We do our best to respond to every quote within 15 minutes. We check market rates and seasonal changes to get you the best price. You also can send us an email or a text message to check your rate.

Confirm Your Order

After receiving your quote we recommend that you ask as many questions about the process as possible. We want you as the customer to feel comfortable when shipping your car, truck, or SUV across the country. Once you’ve decided to ship your car you will need to fill out our Vehicle Transport Form. It’s an easy-to-use PDF document that you can fill out on your phone, tablet, or PC. On this document, we’ll need all the important information to get your vehicle where it needs to be.

  • Pickup and Delivery Addresses
  • Date Vehicle Ready for Pickup
  • Year, Make, and Model of your Vehicle
  • Payment Information

Get Prepared for Pickup

We ask all of our drivers to give customers plenty of notice before pickup. We do our best to set ETA’s with customers 24-hours and 2-hours before pickup to ensure both drivers and customers are on the same page. Our driver may ask to meet you in a ‘truck friendly’ loading zone, this helps reduce any damage to your vehicle or our equipment.

At pickup, the driver will do a thorough inspection of your vehicle, similar to an inspection when renting a car. They will check for any scratches, dents, and chips on your vehicle and make proper notes on their Bill of Lading (BOL). Once the driver has your signature, they will begin loading your vehicle.

Be Ready for Delivery

Delivering your vehicle is a very similar process as pickup. We ask our drivers to give you plenty of notice. The driver and customer will do one last inspection after the vehicle is off of the trailer. The driver will get one last signature and confirm payment.